JASON'S OWN SLASHER SAUCE direct from Camp Crystal Lake ~ A ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ah Hot and Tasty blend of Ghost Pepper, Red Habanero, Garlic, Mustard, Onion, Turmeric, Cumin & Black Pepper Seduce. Sooo Good on Everything.

As Tasty As It Is Hot. Every fiery bottle is emblazoned with the Stache Mask design by artist Brian Steward and Autographed by ARI LEHMAN the FIRST JASON VOORHEES from "FRIDAY THE 13TH".  

SPECIAL!!! 1 Bottle for $25  3 Bottles for $70

HEY CAMPERS!!  Buy a bottle of JASON'S OWN SLASHER SAUCE and 20% of the purchase price will be sent to one of our suggested animal rescue organizations of your choice - type in the code under Instructions. 

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs (NY) Code: NYC Dogs
Bellwether Harbor Animal Shelter (Fremont, MI) Code: Bellwether
Tree House Humane Society (Chicago, IL) Code: Tree House 
A New Beginning Animal Rescue (Layton, UT) Code: New Beginning
Paws In The City c/o Twisted Tails Film Festival (Dallas, TX) Code: Twisted Tail
Hope For Paws (Los Angeles, CA): Cheeseburger Fund


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